Vital Sign Monitors

Vital Sign Monitors are used to monitor patient vital signs, like for example, Electrocardiograms (ECG), Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry (saturation of oxygen in the blood), Temperature, besides others. Vital Sign Monitoring is a well-established life-saving and indispensable tool that has been used in Critical Care Areas of a hospital, like for example the Emergency Department (ED), ITU’s, Operating Theatres, Cardiology Wards, for many years now. Considering the advancements reached in the digital world and in data acquisition, even in such patient monitors, all parameters read and measured by this equipment may be placed into a central archival data server, which is already available within the Cardiology Department located at Mater Dei Hospital. If the consultants/clinicians ever request that the data acquired and measured through these monitors of a particular patient is required to be saved and archived for future reference, this is indeed possible with the current equipment installed at Mater Dei Hospital. All data will be saved and archived with all waveforms and data, as depicted on the monitor seen in front of you.