The Primary HealthCare is responsible for the delivery of over 50 public primary care services in the community nationwide, mainly through the 10 strategically located Health Centres, the 54 Community Clinics, the National Screening Centre, the Occupational Health Unit, the two Telemedicine 24/7 Client Support Centres and the three Centres of Excellence in Primary Eye Screening, Speech and Language Pathology and Podiatry. All services are free-of-charge and delivered by the Primary HealthCare’s multi-disciplinary health care professional team; our sustained goal remains to position the Patient at the centre of our services and to become the patient’s automatic choice.

The Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system provides all the available medical information of a patient on a 24/7 basis in a digital format from any place that is authorised to access patient’s information. This means that no appointments are lost because medical records or tests results are not available. The EPR system is only available to those that are authorised and information is stored securely. Also it avoids the need for physical storage space this making available more space in all our locations for more clinics. It is a green initiative as no papers are used and no transport is required. EPR also provides the basis for the provision of Telemedicine Services to all our population from the comfort of their home.

The Real Time Dashboard provides real time data regarding all PHC. It can shown all service points together or one can select particular health centres or community clinics separately to see how the service provision is progressing. One can even drill down to particular clinics within the same HC or CC. The system updates the data every 5 minutes so one will be really seeing a live perspective. It will serve a very important management tool for all Principal Medical Officers and Charge Nurses as well as for our senior officials at our head office.